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• We've received many emails lately about selling a 3lb Combat Kit.  While not quite a ready-to-run kit like our Viper, this bundle of parts will get you everything you need to build a bot similar to repeat champions Black Adder (Canada), Shreddit Bro (USA), and K2 (UK).

• Cutting, drilling, and soldering are required.  Recommended ages 12+.

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• This design is based on champions, but we're not going to just hand you an event-winning robot. You've got to earn it! There will be cutting and drilling required. Planning and building the chassis yourself means you will know how to fix it when it gets damaged, and give you insight into how the bot is performing mid-fight when you can't stop to investigate it.

• There are no instructions with this bundle! If you have built the Viper robot kit, you will know enough about the included parts and electronics to lay everything out and wire it up. Feel free to copy the picture of Black Adder above for frame construction, or others you find across the internet.

• This robot will require soldering. Quick connectors are fine in Antweights, but Beetleweights experience forces high enough to pop connectors right off of things. If you are stepping up to the 3lb class, soldering is a skill we highly recommend practicing.

We've changed this product to a "multi-purchase" style so that you can easily see all the parts, and if any are out of stock you can still get everything else.
• To purchase, add a "1" to each item on the multi-purchase list. You are welcome to "order off-menu" with this kit. The bundle is our suggested parts list, but if you want to change anything you can just add the parts separately and modify or subtract whatever you like. You may already own a battery charger and radio transmitter/receiver - if so, you wouldn't need to add those.

Bundle Includes:

Weapon:The weapon is our popular 3lb Beater Bar Assembly with matching 3lb Beater Bar Electronics. Paired with a 3S lipoly battery this bar will spin up to 16k RPM.
Drive Motors:2x 22mm 730rpm Premium Planetary Gearmotors. Until we have our own custom beetle drive motors, we recommend these and have brought in some stock so you don't have to order from multiple stores.
Motor Controllers:2x tinyESCs translate the radio commands into motor movement and power the receiver. Solder the included 0.01uF capacitors across the motor leads for noise suppression.
Motor Mounts:One pair of Flat Mega Spark Mounts are a strong and easy way to securely hold drive motors in the UHMW sidewalls. The necessary screws are included.
Wheels:One pair of 2.50x0.75" Foam Wheels are soft and grippy.  A direct hit will be absorbed and won't destroy your motors!
Wheel Hubs:One pair of 4mm x 0.75" Twist Hubs and Twist Hub Key.
Power Switch:FingerTech Mini Power Switch
Battery Connector:XT60 male connector
Battery:3S (11.1V) 850mAh or 1000mAh "Galaxy" lipoly pack. 1000mAh will run full blast the whole match. You can get away with the lighter 850mAh pack but might need to throttle down the weapon towards the end of 3 minutes. (You can add the 1000mAh to your cart separately and leave the box here for 850mAh blank.)
Wire:Red 16ga wire for joining the XT60 to the Mini Switch, and creating a small pigtail for the weapon ESC and tinyESCs to join onto. Black 16ga wire for the negative side of things, except no power switch in that line. Includes 20cm lengths of each. (Wires not available separately.) Don't forget to use heatshrink.
Screw Pack:
8pcs M2-0.40 x 5mm Flat Head Phillips Screw for mounting the drive motors to the Flat Mounts.
2pcs M2-0.40 x 20mm Flat Head Phillips Screw and 2pcs M2-0.40 Nut for mounting power switch.
8pcs Flat Head "Plastite" Thread Forming Screw, #4 x 3/8" - Phillips for Flat Motor Mounts to chassis.
1pc 5/64" Hex Wrench for Twist Hubs.
8pcs Round Head "Plastite" Thread Forming Screw, #6 x 7/8" - Phillips for fastening chassis walls together.
36pcs Round Head "Plastite" Thread Forming Screw, #6 x 1/2" - Phillips for fastening top and bottom armor panels.
UHMW Chassis:One sheet of 0.375in and one 0.125in UHMW Polyethylene are used for the wall panels and wheel guards respectively. UHMW is easy to work with and absorbs impacts very well.
Top/Bottom Frame Materials:A sheet of 1/16in lexan and 3/32in garolite are used for the top and bottom of the robot. These come in 203x254mm (8x10in) sheets that will need to be cut and drilled to fit your design. You will be able to make two of each from the full sheet - it's good to have a spare in case of damage!
Front Forks:5mm thick sharpened Grade 5 Titanium Forks ensure you can get under wedges and feed them into your weapon.  Currently, you will also need to source 4pcs 10-24 x 1in machine screws with nylon lock-nuts for attaching the forks.
Safety Clamp:All spinning weapons require a safety lock. Add this unless you already have one.


Charger:If you require a battery charger, the C6D Lipoly Charger is economical and small - great for carrying to events.
Radio:A radio transmitter and receiver are required. If you don't have them already, we recommend the T6A Radio Transmitter and TR6A receiver (Transmitter requires 8 AA batteries.)
An optional Programming Cable can be used to reprogram the functions on the transmitter. FingerTech's radios come programmed for mixed driving on the right stick and weapon throttle on the left (this is most common) but if you prefer tank-style 2-stick driving you will need to reprogram.
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