Garolite Sheet (G10-FR4 fiberglass-epoxy laminate)

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• Garolite makes excellent baseplate and top cover material for robot construction.  It is easily machined.
• Available in:
- Two sheet sizes (8x10", 16x10")
- Three thicknesses (1/16", 3/32", 1/8")
- and Six colors!


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We will be selling out of the existing stock then restocking in fewer varieties in the future.  To make it easier, here is a list of what remains as of Sept 18 2023:
1/8" x 16x10" Blue (2pcs)
1/8" x 8x10" Blue (8pcs)
1/8" x 8x10" Orange (4pcs)

This Grade G10-FR4 fiberglass-epoxy laminate is chosen for its extremely high strength and high dimensional stability over temperature.

- These phenolics (garolite is a brand name) are made from glass cloth that has been impregnated with an epoxy resin under pressure and heat.
- Use it for the same things you would with carbon fiber, but at a fraction of the cost.
- Will not conduct electricity or interfere with radio signals.

2 Sizes: 20.32x25.4cm (8x10") and 40.64x25.4cm (16x10")
3 Thicknesses: 1.59mm, 2.38mm, 3.18mm (1/16", 3/32", 1/8") - (Sheets can be up to 0.5mm (0.02in) thicker than specified.)
6 Colors: Black, blue, green, orange, red, and camouflage!

Garolite Density: 1.83g/cm3 (1.06oz/in3)
Weight (8x10" sheet):
- 1/16": 150g (5.29 oz)
- 3/32": 225g (7.94 oz)
- 1/8": 300g (10.58 oz)
Flexural Strength: 70,000 psi
Tensile Strength: 3160kgf/cm2 (45kpsi)
Both sides have a glossy finish.

*Tip: If you need to countersink garolite, or are worried about frayed edges, simply drip or dab some thin CA glue onto the exposed areas.  The garolite will absorb it and become much stronger.

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- 11th March 2021
I've used these as liners for my custom knife builds, and they are beautiful. The one caveat is the camo G10 is not as easy to work with as the rest. It's more wear resistant and gums up the abrasives. But it's still good.
- 03rd October 2015
Great product and fast shipping.
Gorgeous and Functional
- 28th January 2015
Camo Garolite
- 28th November 2010
Seems to be on par with the garolite I used to get from Mcmaster. The camo design is only on one side, this was good in my case as its easy to tell which side is 'up'. The other side is translucent so you can see the camo but not as clearly.
Tough and Easy to Work With. Many Uses.
- 15th February 2010
I've used Garolite purchased from FingerTech Robotics in most of my insect class combat robots. It is strong and easy to work with. I've used it as top and bottom plates in my 1lb and 3lb robots, and as a top cover on my 6lb robot. The Garolite baseplate in my 3lb robot even withstood a fire that occurred in the robot!

Here is a video of my 6lb Mantisweight robot, Zillion, using black Garolite as a top plate to keep the electronics inside of the robot:

<a href=""></a>

The other robot in the video is also using blue Garolite as a top cover.
awesome material for antweights
- 02nd November 2009
I used it as part of the frame rails in my ant fangus 2.1 with great success, it proved to hold out better then my previous version which used pocketed 1/4" poly. I have also seen builders use it as wedges with a fair amount of success. Great material, and a great price

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