FingerTech 'Viper' Combat Robot Kit

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Updates!  The Viper now uses our new and improved Twist Hubs!  It also includes a JST-to-9V Adapter cable so you can power it with a 9V battery instead of a lipoly battery (saving you the cost of battery and charger until you are ready to upgrade!).  We've also updated the sticker.  :)

• The Viper Combat Robot Kit is quite simply the best way to get into combat robotics. You will not find a cheaper robot kit with this functionality and expandability anywhere else.

• The Viper kit comes with everything you need to get started in competitive robotics:

- Chassis, motors, wheels, speed controllers, armor, and an easy to follow instruction manual.  Radio and lipoly battery options are available if you need them too.

• Once you've mastered the basics, upgrade your kit to a Lifter or a Spinner with optional add-ons!

Add Radio Transmitter and Receiver?
Yes (+65.77 CAD)
Add Lipoly Battery and Charger?
Yes (+68.93 CAD)
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June 16: All Viper pre-orders up to June 12 have shipped!
Now two components are out of stock:
1. tinyESC motor controllers - A new batch is scheduled to arrive in 1~2 weeks.
2. The 33:1 ratio drive motors are also out of stock now and expected early August (no promises). By default, pre-orders will be held until the 33:1 ratio restock has arrived. If you would like your Viper sent with 22:1 ratio motors instead (50% more drive speed), add that note to your Additional Comments during checkout and they will be sent as soon as tinyESCs have arrived.
We will continue to allow pre-orders on the next batch of Viper kits. The dates given are best estimate, not guaranteed! (Last time the pcbs needed rework and were delayed two weeks. Unfortunately this is out of our control.) Vipers will be shipped out in the order that pre-orders were received. Purchasing this pre-order means you understand and accept delays.

The Viper Combat Robot Kit comes with everything you need to get started in combat robotics.
- The custom-formed 6061-T6 Aluminum chassis has plenty of strength and space for additional components and upgrades.
- A 6-Channel radio transmitter and receiver pair leaves four channels free to add any active devices you desire. (Optional, in case you already have a radio.)
- Two FingerTech "Silver Spark" gearmotors with 2.25" Foam Wheels provide both speed and pushing power.
- Two FingerTech "tinyESC" speed controllers translate the radio receiver commands into motor movement and provide 5V power to the radio.
- Polycarbonate combat armor keeps the components safe.

The Viper kit is fully intended to be sawed, drilled, modified, and upgraded. Recommended for ages 10+ (6+ with a parent).
Its base weight is only 313grams (11.0oz) leaving 141grams (4.97oz) for additional parts if entering the Antweight (1lb) weight class (We don't recommend running the Viper in the Beetleweight class versus 3x larger opponents!)

Body Width: 16.5cm (6.5in)
Length: 14cm (5.5in)
Body Height: 3cm (1.18in)
Weight: 313grams (11.04oz)

*Transmitter and receiver are required. If you already have them, you can say "No" to the Radio Option above.
*The Viper can be run off a 9V battery (not included), but for maximum competitiveness we recommend using a lipoly battery. Lipoly Battery and Charger are available as an option above.

These add-ons fit right onto the existing Viper robot chassis - no machining or soldering required!

Viper Lifter add-on

Take your Viper Combat Robot kit to the next level by adding a powerful servo-actuated lifting arm!

Viper Vertical Spinner add-on

Knock 'em out with a ferocious vertical spinner weapon!

Viper Horizontal Spinner add-on

Add a vicious horizontal spinner weapon to your Viper Combat Robot!
Kit Includes:
Chassis:15gauge (1.45mm / 0.057in) 6061-T6 alloy Aluminum stamped and formed baseplate (pic). Has mounting holes for motors, armor and add-on kits.
Motors:2x 33.3:1 Silver Spark Gearmotors
Motor Controllers:2x tinyESCs translate the radio commands into motor movement and power the receiver.
Wheels:2x 2.25x0.75" Foam Wheels are soft and grippy.  A direct hit will be absorbed and won't destroy your motors!  Includes 3mm x 0.75" Twist Hubs and Twist Hub Key.
Battery:A JST-to-9V Battery Adapter is included for operating the Viper with a 9V battery. (9V battery not included.)
- One or two 9V batteries (two doubles run-time and requires a JST to Dual 9V Battery Adapter). We recommend Duracell Procell (PC1604) for over two hours of run time and bursts of 12A (using 2 batteries) - better than every other 9V we've tested. Procells can run an HXT12K servo at 1.5A continuous (while driving) for well over 15 minutes. (Robot matches are 3 minutes each.)
For maximum competitiveness, we recommend using the rechargeable 7.4V 300mAh "Galaxy" lipoly pack, available with Lipoly Charger as an Option above.
Power Switch:A Switch/charge jack that you unplug to turn on. Comes pre-soldered with a female JST connector and includes a pair of Mini Terminal Blocks for making wiring connections.
Plug has male JST end for easily recharging the lipoly battery. (Do not attempt to recharge a 9V alkaline battery.)
Armor:3mm (0.118in) thick front wedge and 1.5mm (0.059in) top armor made of high-strength polycarbonate.
Screws:Four 2-56x0.125" screws for mounting the motors. Ten 6-32x0.25" screws for fastening armor.
0.05" and 5/64" hex wrenches included for tightening screws and setscrews.
Instructions:Detailed instructions with many pictures and tips for getting more from your robot. (Download V3.3 here)(Download V4.0 here)

• Transmitter and receiver are required. If you don't have them already, you can add them with the option above. "Radio Option" includes: T6A Radio Transmitter, TR6A receiver  (Transmitter requires 8 AA batteries.)

• The Viper can be run off a 9V battery, but for maximum competitiveness we recommend using a lipoly battery. Lipoly Battery and Charger are available as an option above. "Lipoly Option" includes: Lipoly charger, 7.4V 300mAh "Galaxy" lipoly battery

• If you do not wish to use lipoly batteries, the Viper includes a 9V battery connector. You will then need a 9V Battery.

Viper-v2-R5.STEP (full bot)
CAD files for individual components can be found on their own pages, by following the links on the Contents tab.
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- 26th November 2021

really good spinner, and highly effective

So easy, so fun!

- 21st October 2021

After attending a local event my roommates and I picked up a pair of Viper kits, with lipo and transimiter. The kit comes super well packaged with everything nicely wrapped up to avoid damage in shipping. The instruction sheets are very well printed and printed in color. (With the lipo and charger add on you get an extra sheet that shows how to set up the charger)I was able to get my bot up and running in 30 minutes. And from there I've been practicing my driving. I cant wait to go to my first competition with my little Viper!

Would recommend this product, costumer service is great

- 02nd March 2021

This guy's customer service is unparallel to anything I've ever experienced, he is willing to send free parts to fix problems walks you through what's wrong and how to fix it just all around a good guy.

The kit itself is pretty easy to put together and adding a weapon add-on is just as simple. 11/10 would buy/recommend fingertech products.


- 17th December 2020

Bought this for my sons. They play with it all the time. They've built it and rebuilt many times. The quality is outstanding. FingerTech customer service always goes above and beyond.


- 07th November 2020

parental assistance recommended for children under 10 or 11

Best spend ever

- 23rd May 2020

I have wanted to get into combat robotics my whole life. I thought it would be way to hard to build a robot but the Viper kit made it easy. It was easy to build and use. Soon I will try to enter a competition (once COVID-19 ends)

I highly recommend getting this kit as it makes combat robotics easy for all ages.

Great First Robot for an Amazing Price!

- 08th May 2020

First off, the Fingertech Company and website were awesome! The shipping was great and super fast, too!

Next, the robot. This is an amazing robot for starters like myself. The instructions were very detailed with pictures and words that guided you every step of the way. The motors work well and the connections are superb.The chassis and Polycarbonate armor are super strong!

Looking forward to upgrading the robot and buying Weapons Add-Ons!

The bot is awesome

- 28th November 2019

I got the bot and it took a little while to get it to work but I fried the receiver so I had to get a new one and now it is working

Great First Foray into Combat Robotics!

- 24th May 2019

Well, let me start by saying it was hell trying to actually get the robot. It was out of stock and was delayed twice, resulting in a 2+ month wait time.

However, now that it's actually here, it's fantastic. A brilliant first foray into combat robotics, and really teaches you how to the basics of electronics and engineering. I bought the horizontal spinner add-on, and this tiny little 1lb robot is legitimately terrifying at full power. Considering buy another one for my young sister to play with and fight each other.

One downside, it's ridiculously difficult to put the snap rings onto the wheel hubs. Once they were broken in, it became much easier, but that first time, I nearly quit in a swear-fueled rampage.


- 24th March 2019

Totally new to combat robotics. This was easy to build and, paired with the spinner, worked pretty well. There were some issues at first but we were able to fix them.

Absolutely worth the money

- 01st January 2019

My 9 year old son got one for his birthday and we built it together. I think it is absolutely worth the money and a great starting point. Did ok in competition easy to put back together. I recommend it.

A speedy way to get a bot up and running

- 01st January 2019

The Viper is a speedy way to get a bot up and running. No soldering required. My 10 year old assembled in an afternoon pretty much solo. In contrast, we've been building cardboard combat "robots" as well and as newcomers to electronics, we spend a lot of time resoldering poor connections or replacing bad parts since we didn't quite know what we were doing yet. I like how the Viper works out of the box and introduces you to the basic pieces.

Honestly the best way to get started

- 01st January 2019

I started my robot fighting career on the older version back in 2012 and got 2nd place at my first event. It is honestly the best way to get started. The kit leaves lots of room for modification.

Great entry level kit and fun with the Family.

- 31st December 2018

The Viper kit is an awesome starting point. Even if you don't actually build the robot and pirate all the components for your specific needs.

This is a very straight forward design with a great assembly manual and an even cooler website to go to for any other technical information.

Use this kit to build a radio controlled card board box or what you want with your child or build the actual kit which is a great entry point into combat robotics. Then when you are ready to do a custom robot build together all of the components in this kit can easily be swapped in which many choose to do.

There is no shopping for parts and trying to figure out what works together, it's all been done for you. That way you can sit down with your kids and learn.

I bought this kit for my wife and had her assemble it. She took second at her first event. It's a pretty neat set up.

Couldn't be happier with the Viper!

- 02nd January 2018

I built 1 Viper kit with my 5-year-old boy over the past few days. It took a total of a few hours from start to finish, including painting the front wedge, learning how to program mixing in the HK-T6A, a few goofs (crawling around the garage floor looking for 2 lost screws that were in the chassis all along), letting the boy do some of the work, etc.

The build was a bit too advanced for my son--I'm not sure at what age this kit would be appropriate for a child to build.

As an experienced & handy adult, working alone, I think I could build one in only 1 hour. I've never built something so cool so quickly & so easily. (We bought 3 kits; #2 & #3 should be a snap to assemble.)

Fabulous kit all around, great manual, great support from FingerTech!

We couldn't be happier. This is an extremely slick, organized, tidy bot.

We are looking forward to adding the child-friendly lifter kits later, after we have mastered driving & wedging.

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Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm

• No need to worry about a lipoly battery becoming over-discharged and irreversibly damaged!
• Accurate and easy to use, this Battery Monitor will give a warning buzzer when the lipoly pack drops below 6.6V (for 2S) or 9.9V (for 3S).

FingerTech 'Viper' Lifter Add-On

• Take your Viper Combat Robot kit to the next level by adding a powerful servo-actuated lifting arm!

• Add a powerful servo and lifting arm to lift and topple your opponents.

• Mounts on the existing Viper Combat Robot

• No soldering required!

FingerTech 'Viper' Horizontal Spinner Add-On

• Add a vicious horizontal spinner weapon to your Viper Combat Robot!
• High-speed Brushless Motor and Controller mated to a Titanium Weapon Bar!
• Mounts on the existing Viper Combat Robot. (Requires modifying the original plastic armor, or buy a new set here: Horizontal Spinner Armor Set)
• No soldering required!

FingerTech 'Viper' Vertical Spinner Add-On

• Add a vicious vertical spinner weapon to your Viper Combat Robot!
• High-speed Brushless Motor and Controller mated to a Clamping Drum with AR400 Steel teeth!
• Mounts on the existing Viper Combat Robot. (Requires modifying the original plastic armor, or buy a modified set here: Vertical Spinner Armor Set)
• No soldering required!

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