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FingerTech Mini Power Switch
FingerTech Mini Power Switch
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• Has your robot been lacking a high-current power switch?  Tired of plugging and unplugging the battery during an intense competition? 
• Our Mini Switch can be activated with the simple twist of an allen key.
• No other switch is as small, lightweight and powerful!
• Read Servo Magazine's keen review of the Mini Power Switch here: Servo 2013-04 Mini Switch Review.pdf

Material: High-temperature nylon, copper terminals, aluminum screw
Dimensions: 12.7 x 12.7 x 6.35mm (0.5 x 0.5 x 0.25in)
Copper terminals: 3.5mm x 1mm (0.138 x 0.04in) extend 6.35mm (0.25in) from switch body
Weight: 2.15grams (0.076oz)

Two mounting holes, spaced 7.62mm (0.3in) apart, can pass-through 2mm or 2-56 screws, or can be tapped for 3mm or 4-40 screw threads.

Connect the battery to the terminal closest to the screw head.  The screw head is part of the circuit (constant connection to the far terminal), so this will ensure it is not live when the robot is off.

 Allowable soldering temperatures:
350C : continuous
400C : 1min
450C : 12s
480C : 8s

To connect the two copper terminals, use a 3/32" hex wrench to tighten the screw (clockwise).  We sell a long arm 3/32" hex wrench for reaching switches buried deep inside the robot.
* It does not take a lot of force to make a good connection - just finger-tight.
(The nylon is undersized to keep the screw from backing out due to vibrations.)
One full rotation counterclockwise disconnects power.

Current Ratings (using 16-gauge wire):
Rated Current: 40A
Burst: 100A for 10 seconds
*Keep in mind that the size of the wire and type of wire insulation is the main limiting factor.  More heat is generated in smaller wires and in poor connections.  We have tested the switch with 10ga wire and were able to run 95A for 3 minutes.

Temperature Chart (click to enlarge):

*Note that the 16ga wires get uncomfortably hot at 40A and nearly untouchable at 50A.
For higher current applications, use heavier wire!

19 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.6 / 5 (Show All)

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Solid, but one request

- 20th April 2018

Very good power switch, haven't had any fail on me so far (besides one due to me really over-tightening like an idiot). Would it be possible to have an option to include adequately sized screws and nuts for an all-in-one mounting solution? [FTR: We'll look into it!]

Too specialized to be of use

- 06th December 2017

There's one big problem with this switch - the case requires a very specialized mounting solution. The way it's designed, you have to mount it to a vertical wall and then also have a hole through the top of the chassis to access the setscrew. It's a solid switch once you get around it, but you basically can't experiment with placement with it due to its design.

Can we PLEASE have a variant of this with top-mounted screw holes?
[FTR: The copper tabs run lengthways through the switch making top-mounted screw holes impossible. Why not use a short piece of angle (L-shaped) aluminum? Should achieve what you need without adding much weight!]


- 18th March 2017

Part of it was broken but as soon as I notified them they shipped a new one! Great switch and great customer service!

Very cool.

- 16th September 2016

Don't second guess this one. Buy it! Don't struggle with screws ductape or zip ties. R/C power switches are unreliable in battle. Being able to turn the bot on with a twist makes those stressful moments before a fight much calmer. It's weight is almost insignificant. Again if your thinking bout it.... Buy it.. Heck buy two at the price you won't regret it.

Great compact switch

- 03rd February 2016

Was able to run ~160A burst through the switch in my 15 pound robot without any issues. Very impressive, especially considering how small it is!

Great compact switch

- 03rd February 2016

Was able to run ~160A burst through the switch in my 15 pound robot without any issues. Very impressive, especially considering how small it is!

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Hex WrenchHex Wrench - 0.90 CAD
• Hex Wrench (aka Allen Key)
• Used for various screws and setscrews (see details)
Price: 9.68 CAD
7.36 USD 6.62 EUR
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