FingerTech 'Viper' Lifter Add-On

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• Take your Viper Combat Robot kit to the next level by adding a powerful servo-actuated lifting arm!

• Add a powerful servo and lifting arm to lift and topple your opponents.

• Mounts on the existing Viper Combat Robot

• No soldering required!

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  Take your Viper Combat Robot kit to the next level by adding a powerful servo-actuated lifting arm!

Kit Includes:
Servo:FH-5515MG servo with FingerTech Servo Mounts
Lift Arm:Spring steel Scoop and Linkage, UHMW arms (upgraded from polycarbonate Sept '22), threaded Crossbar, two 2x1 Mini NutStrip pieces
Screws:Nine 4-40x0.25", eight 6-32x0.25" and four 6-32x0.5" screws plus hex wrench.
Instructions:Detailed instructions with pictures. (Download here)

Lift Height: 19cm (7.5in) - 90 degrees (can self-right from upside down!)
Weight: 117grams (4.1oz) - added onto the Viper base, the total will be 427grams (15.1oz).
Voltage: The servo can operate up to 9V.
- The 7.4V lipoly battery used for the Viper kit works great. If you wish to run the Viper off an 11.1V lipoly battery, a 9V regulator must be added.

- Threadlock liquid
- Electrical tape
- Phillips screwdriver
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- 26th March 2020
it is hard to use as a SriMech
Simple & powerful kit
- 29th January 2018
Very impressive kit.
Simple to install, strong, appears solid (based on garage skirmishes with other lifters, not full-on battle with spinners), adds self-righting capability.

After building 3 kits, I have the following comments/recommendations:
1 - Use servo L-bracket holes 1 & 4, not 2 & 5.
2 - When attaching the Viper top armor, slide the armor left/right so that the arm screw does not contact the top armor, then torque the armor screws.
3 - Add washers to the lift arm/small nut strip joints to minimize the chance that these screws will back out or tighten when operating the arm.
4 - Add a nut to the servo arm/lift arm joint & torque it to the servo arm to minimize the chance that this screw will back out or tighten when operating the arm.
5- Set Tx channel 3 endpoints to 120% or the arm will not move far enough upward to self-right. [Already done if Tx purchased from FingerTech]
6 - Do not mount a power indicator LED on the back wall of the Viper. It will stick out just barely enough to drag on the ground & hamper self-righting when the bot's nose is pointing straight up.
FingerTech 'Viper' Combat Robot Kit

• The Viper Combat Robot Kit is quite simply the best way to get into combat robotics. You will not find a cheaper robot kit with this functionality and expandability anywhere else.

• The Viper kit comes with everything you need to get started in competitive robotics:

- Chassis, motors, wheels, speed controllers, armor, and an easy to follow instruction manual.  Radio and lipoly battery options are available if you need them too.

• Once you've mastered the basics, upgrade your kit to a Lifter or a Spinner with optional add-ons!

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