FingerTech 'Viper' Horizontal Spinner Add-On

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• Add a vicious horizontal spinner weapon to your Viper Combat Robot!
• High-speed Brushless Motor and Controller mated to a Titanium Weapon Bar!
• Mounts on the existing Viper Combat Robot. (Requires modifying the original plastic armor, or buy a new set here: Horizontal Spinner Armor Set)
• No soldering required!

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  Add a vicious horizontal spinner weapon to your Viper Combat Robot!

Kit Includes:
Blade:5.5in Titanium Weapon Bar (optional)
Motor:F2822/17 1100KV Brushless Motor + screws
Controller:20A Brushless Speed Controller
Blade Mount:FingerTech Blade Mount fastens directly to the motor body for maximum strength
Motor Mount:Angled F2822 Motor Mount fastens the weapon motor solidly at a 4 degree downward angle
Screws:Eight 6-32x0.25" button head screws.
Instructions:Detailed instructions with pictures Viper-H-Spinner-add-on-R5.pdf

* Requires modifying the original plastic armor, or buy a modified set here: Horizontal Spinner Armor Set
* If you want to swap to a different Weapon Blade, the FingerTech Blade Mount fits all of our custom blades such as 6in Titanium Weapon Blade, Bloodsport Longbar or HiJinx Bar

Weight: Added to the base Viper kit, the total weight using the 5.5in titanium bar is 448g (15.8oz) with a 9V battery, 421g (14.85oz) with a 2S 300mAh lipoly, or 428g (15.1oz) with a 3S 300mAh lipoly.
Blade diameter: 14cm (5.5in). Accommodates blades up to 15.2cm (6in) tip-to-tip, weighing 79g or less (for use with 3S lipoly).
Voltage: 7.4V - 11.1V. The 7.4V battery included with the Viper base kit works great, but a 3S lipoly will give the weapon extra oomph! We don't recommend running this off a 9V battery, as it cannot supply the current needed for fast and repeated spin-ups.

- Weapon Safety Lock
- 5/64in hex wrench (came with your Viper kit)
- Phillips screwdrivers #1 and #2
- Threadlock liquid
- Electrical tape, zipties, or twist-ties

- As with anything related to combat robots, it is potentially dangerous to add a spinning weapon to a robot. Never power up the robot outside of a safety enclosure. Always use a safety lock and follow proper activation procedure. Visit our Safety Informationpage for more information.     

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This is pretty good
- 25th May 2022
Im writing this as an American living inside the United States, so this product may vary per person. This product shipped in perfect condition and was good for modifying and even works with an arduino. We used this for our bot using a custom radio and a 9V battery and it is very powerful. this is not a bot or fake I actually bought the thing
not sure yet
- 29th March 2022
Easy to install. Definitely destroys test objects. The problem is that it makes the robot undriveable. Hopefully we can fix thos with some weight and balance adjustments but it seems to make the bot much too heavy in the front/light in the rear.
I recommend it
- 02nd March 2021
Used this with a 3s battery and the bloodsport bar. It does some serious damage and its pretty loud as well. putting it together is easy too.

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