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FingerTech "Gold Spark" 16mm Gearmotor
FingerTech "Gold Spark" 16mm Gearmotor
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FingerTech's Gold Spark motors are great for hobby use and in competition robots such as mini-sumo and line following.  If your application will be close to or exceeding the specified torque limits, check out our Silver Spark motors.

• The extra-long 3mm shaft is triple-supported internally so that wheels can be mounted directly.
• All-metal spur gear reduction gearhead mated to a Mabuchi FK-050 motor.
• 9 different gear ratios of 20, 35, 50, 63, 86, 115, 150, 250, and 360:1
• At only 28grams (0.99oz), these are a lightweight yet powerful motor.

These motors make it super simple to get a robot moving! Just pick up a pair of Snap Wheels and Snap Hubs to mount them, solder on a pair of tinyESCs and your motors are ready to be driven by radio control!  For mounting the motors, use 2-56 screws and our custom motor mounts.  We now also carry 3mm bearing blocks for supporting the shaft in heavy robots or weapon systems, and Flat Motor Mounts for when you want to face-mount in a panel.

Motor (Mabuchi FK-050SH-13125) Specifications
Operating Voltage: 3V - 18.5V (>10V decreases motor life)
Nominal Voltage: 6Vdc
No Load RPM: 11530rpm
No Load Current: 0.09A
Stall Current: 1.3A
Stall Torque: 0.0461kg-cm (0.64oz-in)
Kt: 0.0352kg-cm/A (0.49oz-in/A)
Kv: 1573rpm/V
Peak Efficiency: 52%
RPM @ Peak Eff: 9100
Current @ Peak Eff: 0.34A
Click here for the motor torque, current, rpm and efficiency curve.
Physical Specifications
Gearbox Length: 11.6mm (0.455in)
Motor Length: 28.7mm (1.13in)
Total Gearmotor Length: 40.3mm (1.59in)
Gearbox Diameter: 15.5mm (0.61in)
Shaft Diameter: 3mm (0.12in) with flat along length
Shaft Length: 38mm (1.5in)
Mounting Holes (2): #2-56 spaced 11mm (0.433in) apart
-do not use screws that protrude more than 4mm (0.156in) into gearbox

Weight (all ratios): 28grams (0.99oz)

Some ratio gearboxes can be interchanged because they use the same pinion gears on the motor.
20, 35, 50, 63: 18T pinions
86, 115, 150, 250: 16T pinions
360: 14T pinion
So (for example) you can remove the 50:1 ratio gearbox from its motor and replace it with a 35:1 ratio gearbox for more speed - without needing to desolder the motor!  (Might want to swap the stickers so you know what's in the robot!)

No Load Speed @ Gear Ratio/Voltage

(Click to Enlarge)
Motors have been tested to work up to 22.2V (6 lipoly cells), but don't expect the motor to run that high forever!
Maximum Torque @ Ratio/Voltage (kg-cm) (oz-in)

(Click to Enlarge)
Exceeding 6.84kg-cm (95oz-in) will damage the output gear stage. Do not stall the motors highlighted in red at the indicated voltage.

FingerTech_Gold_Spark_16mm_motor.IGS (all ratios)





12 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.8 / 5 (Show All)

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- 25th April 2016

You really helped me for my projet and my degree of ingeneer thanks uuuuuuu!!!!!!!

Worth the money!

- 16th October 2013

Going from banebots to these motors was no contest. The sparks are such a higher quality gear motor it will almost surprise you.

I'm running them in a 2wd antweight (1 lbs) combat robot and they took a couple direct hits on the gear case and kept on ticking. I highly recommend them and will be buying more in the future.

great motors

- 07th January 2012

These motors are great for their price range and having several gear ratios in the motor line makes it even better. When coupled with their cobra wheels, you will have a good starting place for a mini sumo. Two motors will just fit the mini sumo width. Enjoy.

Great Design!

- 21st May 2011

I have used the gold 20:1s in a four wheel drive ant pusher with zero hiccups along side the tiny esc v2's it was capable of pushing a 3 pound block of aluminum with the right tire combination without stripping the gears, not something I can say the same for copals. =(

Today I use them in an antweight full body spinner that used to have a nasty habit of destroying gears on other brand motors from japan due to hard shock loads from impacts. But after an HOUR of timed testing I cannot hurt these motors! The tiny esc V2 in conjunction with these motors leaves a nearly bulletproof system I can rely on day after day and after a full competitions use they still run strong with the same power and speed as when I received them!

will purchase more for future robots!

Very Nice.

- 14th May 2011

These are probably the best antweight drive motors readily available today. When I received them I was very impressed by the build quality. I would definitely use them on other robot projects!


- 21st April 2011

Used 4 20:1's in an antweight on 3 cell lipo speed is perfect and pushing power is amazing

I recommend the bearing blocks for mounting as it gives it even more strength and 5 mounting positions!

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2-56 Button Head Screws (25pcs)2-56 Button Head Screws (25pcs) - 2.93 CAD
• 25-pack of 2-56 Button Head Screws (length of 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4")
• Black Oxide screws are harder than Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated and the heads will not strip out as easily.
• Use for mounting Gold Spark and Silver Spark motors.
• These screws require a 0.050" hex wrench
FingerTech Bearing BlockFingerTech Bearing Block - 6.31 CAD

• This bearing block can be used as a motor mount for 16mm gearmotors (such as our Spark motors) or as a simple bearing block for a 3mm shaft.

• The bearing works with the Spark Motors by aligning the mounting holes to the Spark mounting holes and offers additional shaft support.

FingerTech Flat Motor Mount (pair)FingerTech Flat Motor Mount (pair) - 6.08 CAD

These anodized 6061 aluminum Flat Motor Mounts are used to face-mount motors to flat robot sides. 

• Includes a pair of mounts with countersunk mounting holes.

• 11mm hole pattern for Antweight motors like Gold Spark, Silver Spark, etc.

• 17mm hole pattern for Beetleweight motors like Kitbots 1000RPM, etc.

FingerTech L-Bracket Motor Mount (pair)FingerTech L-Bracket Motor Mount (pair) - 4.73 CAD
These anodized aluminum motor mounts will fit just about any small motor with mounting hole distances from 10mm - 12.5mm (0.39 - 0.49in).  Especially suited to both Gold and Silver Spark motors, they will also hold all "Mini Metal Gearmotors", small Copal motors, Maxon motors, etc.

• Seven different mounting slots will fit up to 3mm or 4-40 sized screws.
• Width: 16mm (0.63in)
• Height: 19.8mm (0.78in)
• Length: 18.6mm (0.73in)
• Thickness: 1.45mm (0.057in)
• Shaft height: A motor with 11mm hole spacing will raise the motor shaft up to 11.7mm (0.46in).
• Only 1.5grams (0.05oz) each!
Price: 19.14 CAD
14.55 USD 13.09 EUR
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