FingerTech Mini-Sumo Wheels (pair)

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• Want to be at the top of the minisumo class but your robot's wheels keep slipping?  Look no further!
• Top-quality competition wheels made from high-traction polyurethane and injection-molded hubs.

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FingerTech Minisumo Wheels are top-quality competition wheels.

- The fiberglass-infused nylon hubs are designed with a ring of captive holes for locking the tire tread in place.
- Tire tread composed of Shore A20 polyurethane makes these the highest traction wheels you can buy.
- The wheel is designed to envelop a 16mm gearbox. Perfect where length is a concern. (Two Gold Spark motors with these wheels will fit into the 10cm width limit of minisumo events.)
- An extra-long setscrew allows you to easily tighten the wheels onto a 3mm motor shaft.
- Setscrew is accessed through tire. (Don't forget your 1/16" hex wrench)

Hub material: Fiberglass-reinforced nylon - "lock channels" ensure the tread can't peel off the hub
Tire material: Shore A20 polyurethane, professionally vacuum-degassed
Coefficient of Friction (against smooth unpainted MDF wood): μ=1.75 (Silicone μ=1.30, Rubber μ=1.05)
Diameter: 3.00cm (1.18")
Width: 2.16cm (0.85")
Inner diameter: 1.76cm (0.688")
Shaft bore: 3mm (0.118") - you can easily drill the bore for larger motor shafts
Weight: 12.6grams each (0.44oz) - light wheels mean you can add more weight to the bottom of your chassis; below the bot's center of gravity where it should be!
*It can take a day or two to mould your wheels - especially if the color is other than red.

Tip: Clean the tires with isopropyl alcohol wipes before each match for optimal traction.

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Grippiest wheels on the planet
- 31st December 2014
Ordered some. Was impressed. Ordered more - nuff said. No Hub needed. Not exactly foam weight but definitely grippier. Red is a good color.
Great for the price.
- 11th July 2014
Good quality for the price and tons of grip. One thing should to be better, the screw to fit the tire is so tiny...high torque motor vs high grip tire...the screw looses the battle. [FT: Thanks for the feedback, we will look into using 6-32 setscrews in future batches!]
- 21st February 2014
Very Good quality and excellent service.
very good wheels,colours are very nice
- 20th September 2013
I am the proud owner of the wheels from the september update, and I have to say that they are just as good as the regular ones (meaning perfect), and they look great and really stand out. Thank you fingertech!
Really nice wheels
- 06th March 2013
Nice wheels, great quality, fast shipping and really nice people.
Very good design!
- 30th April 2012
I love these wheels. Nice, good design and good grip.
Hex Wrench
Hex Wrench - 0.90 CAD

• Hex Wrench (aka Allen Key)
• Used for various screws and setscrews (see details)

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