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FingerTech Lite Hubs (pair)
FingerTech Lite Hubs (pair)
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Lite Hubs press into Lite Flite and Lectra Lite foam wheels (hobby aircraft wheels found at most hobby stores), providing a secure and very lightweight method of mounting a wheel onto a motor shaft.  Lectra Lites with 1/8" bores can be easily drilled to 5/32" to fit Lite Hubs (#22 drill bit is best).

A ring of Gorrila super glue is required for a permanent fixture (we have found it works better than Cyanoacrylate or CA glue).  Insert the Lite Hub into the wheel part way.  Apply glue to the joint then flip the wheel over and press it down onto a hard surface.

The Robot Marketplace has put together a short instructional video on how to assemble Lite Hubs into a wheel.  (They do not show the gluing step!)

The machined brass collar allows you to tighten the setscrew securely onto the motor shaft.  Tighten just until the collar starts to become oblong.  That's all you need for a secure wheel!

Material: Nylon hub (same material as Lite Flite wheel hubs) with Brass collar
Bore diameter: 3mm -Can be drilled up to 1/8" for larger motor shafts. (Drill only after installing into wheel.)
Hub Diameter: 9.53mm (0.375in)
Hub Length: 4.83mm (0.190in)
Overall Length: 25.4mm (1.0in)
Includes: two Lite Hubs and two 4-40 setscrews.
Weight: 1.2gram (0.042oz) each
Don't forget your 0.050" hex wrench!
9 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.3 / 5 (Show All)

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They are ok.

- 24th April 2019

Work pretty good, my only complaint is that they are made out of plastic. If they were made out of metal I would give them five stars.

Good, Light Option for Insect Bots

- 09th September 2013

I used the Lite Hubs mated to a pair of 1.5" Lectra Flites. After drilling out the bore of the Lectra Flites, I was able to press on the Lite Hubs without needing any adhesive. During competition, the wheels stayed on and although they didn't take any direct spinner hits, I was confident enough in the strength of the Lite Hubs that I skipped wheel guards (and also that I had no weight for wheel guards).

However, I do notice that there is wobble in the hub/wheel when it is spinning. I'm not sure whether this stems from the boring job I did on the drill press, and although it didn't heavily affect performance, it is definitely noticeable. Also, I managed to crush one of the Lite Hubs when I was rather forcefully pressing them into the bored out Lectra Flites.

Works amazing with Sparks!

- 14th May 2011

I've tried several different ways to get wheels onto ant drive motors and these are a very good (and cheap!) solution. I've tried everything from airplane prop adapters to ca glue and these work the best by far!

My only complaint is that when these are mated to micro "Sanyo" style gear-motors they require a second set screw and some trial and error to get everything squared up.

Fingertech Lite Hubs

- 13th May 2011

Excellent hubs for the Lite Flight wheels. My only complaint is that I had to go out and get a set of even smaller allen wrenches to tighten down the hub nut. Other than that, and that the wheels need to be glued, these are awesome for the price.
[We sell individual hex wrenches too! -FingerTech]

Great Hubs for Small 'Bots

- 22nd July 2010

These are excellent hubs for attaching the lite flites or lectra lites to 3mm shafts in ant and fairy robots. They're much lighter than the metal Dave's hub while still being solid enough, and a much more reliable method of attaching wheels than gluing them straight to the shaft.

Highly recommended!

FingerTech Lite Hubs (pair)

- 18th February 2010

These hubs are amazing. They worked so well during an ant-weight competition of mine. They are also very light, so when weighing in the robot, the hubs helped out a lot.
Price-wise compared to the more expensive aluminum hubs, these hubs rock... But then again aluminum IS WELL aluminum... better than plastic.

The only problem with these is there is no way to attach the wheel onto the Lite Hub without using some sort of adhesive. So these hubs are a one-shot deal. Buy like 2 or 3 pairs and several sets of wheels for ant-weight competitions.

PROS: very light. works well, doesn't fall off during competition.

CONS: Need adhesive to attach wheel.

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Hex WrenchHex Wrench - 0.90 CAD
• Hex Wrench (aka Allen Key)
• Used for various screws and setscrews (see details)
Price: 4.95 CAD
3.76 USD 3.38 EUR
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