Playable Battle Robot Kit

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• Passionate about combat robotics but not quite ready to compete in an arena?  These playable battle robot kits are perfect for the young or young-at-heart to practice at home and have friendly battles!

• Recommended ages 5 and up.  (We've had drivers as young as 3!)  Assembly time 15-45 minutes with adult help.

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• These Playable Battle Robot Kits include everything you need to assemble and fight your own Battle Robot at home! Completely safe - the "weapons" will knock the opponents around but won't hurt small fingers.
• Safe and fun to build. The electronics are plug-and-play, and the chassis is slotted and screwed together. No special tools needed!
• Ages 5 and up. (We've had drivers as young as 3, but they aren't as interested in the building portion.)

Unboxing and review video by Tim Baird

Building the Hammerhead with Tim Baird!

Kit includes:
• Lasercut basswood frame - can be colored or painted!
• Drive motors and wheels
• Weapon system
• Electronics (motor controllers + radio receiver)
• Robot battery and USB charger
• Remote control with AAA batteries

Size: ~20x15cm (~8x6in)
Weight: ~320g each (~11oz)
Assembly Time: 15~45min with adult help

Remote Control Assembly | Colossus

Stag Beetle | Snapping Turtle

White Rhino | Nile Crocodile

Sawfish | Rattlesnake

Jackrabbit | Mustang

Rage Wheel | Hammerhead Shark
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Great fun, but some minor issues to look out for.

- 01st March 2021

I got the Snapping Turtle (vertical spinner) and Mustang (flipper) and really had a lot of fun putting these together and driving 'em around.

Plus, it really seems like there's potential for customization of parts as well if you want to play with batteries and motors.

I can't recommend them enough for adults that just want some robot fighting amusement or kids who want an awesome intro to engineering.

That 1 missing star is for some build issues.

Both controllers had issues with the alignment of the right/left turn buttons. I had to cut away some of the wood around the holes in the top. It's soft, and a pocket knife took care of it, not difficult, but...

On the Snapping Turtle, the wires popped off the weapon motor shortly after unpacking it. Some wire stripping and tape fixed it up and it works but...

On the Mustang a number of wood parts have to slot into one another and slide into place. This is reasonably tough to do, you want it to stay put, but in some cases the wood would start to peel off layers or need some trimming down to work. Again, not too tricky in the soft wood, an it all works but...

...these things could be problematic for younger, less industrious, or more easily frustrated builders. So take that into consideration.

A last note that is actually a recommendation for Fingertech - supply controller buttons in a color that matches the wheels of the bot, or have the bot name or profile etched into the controller's battery cover. Something to help identify that a controller matches a specific robot vs. having them all look the same. [FTR: Thanks for the review! Actually, any remote can pair with any kit, so don't worry about mixing them up!]

Perfect for beginners

- 10th February 2021

Been watching battlebots since I was 9, had a blast building my own.

Perfect for the beginner combat bot fan

- 05th February 2021

Ordered two kits, on opening the box I was impressed at the quality and attention to detail of the kits. Every detail had been thought of from carefully packaged hardware, pre-soldered electronics to the included batteries and mini screwdriver. The kits went together easily with the aid of the very clear build videos provided on the website. The laser-cut parts are produced to a tight tolerance so some minor sanding may be required in certain places to get the best result. Once together the bots are a joy to play around with and battle each other. The small motors pack a surprising amount of power and it is very satisfying to watch them zip around like your favourite heavyweights from TV. Overall a great gift for any aspiring bot builder. 5/5

Absolute blast

- 04th February 2021

Mine arrived yesterday. I had an absolute blast putting it together and for an absolute novice like me it's an awesome reference piece in moving on to the real thing. Plus me and my fiancé have had a huge amount of fun battling on our living room floor.

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