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FingerTech S3M Timing Pulley
FingerTech S3M Timing Pulley
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 Our specialty Timing Pulleys and Belts are the perfect solution for transmitting power from motors to wheels or shafts.
While O-Rings and round belts will slip under tension, timing belts have teeth that ensure a positive lock to the pulleys.

A range of ten pulley sizes means there are 55 different ratio combinations to choose from!
Use with our selection of FingerTech timing belts, or any other 3mm pitch belt (4mm wide or less).

Try our Pulley-Belt Distance Calculator!  Pick from our available pulley and belt sizes and it will tell you how far apart they will be, OR plug in your desired distance and it will tell you which belt to use!

Pitch (distance between tooth centers): 3mm
Belt Width (maximum): 4mm
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Sizes: 9 Teeth - 42 Teeth (see Size Chart for dimensions)
Bore: 3mm (9T, 15T and 16T can be drilled up to 5/32", larger pulleys can be drilled up to 1/4")
Includes 4-40 setscrew for fastening to shaft. Make sure your shaft has a flat spot. Make one yourself with a file if you have to!  Setscrews do not hold well on round shafts.
Setscrew requires 0.050" hex wrench 

# TeethPitch Diameter (for calculating centers)Outside Tooth DiameterWeight
9T8.59mm (.338")7.89mm (.313")1.4g (0.05oz)
15T14.32mm (.564")13.56mm (.534")3.3g (0.11oz)
16T15.28mm (.602")14.52mm (.572")4.0g (0.13oz)
18T17.19mm (.677")16.43mm (.647")5.3g (0.18oz)
22T21.01mm (.827")20.25mm (.797")7.8g (0.28oz)
26T24.83mm (.977")24.07mm (.947")10.5g (0.38oz)
30T28.65mm (1.128")27.89mm (1.098")13.5g (0.48oz)
34T32.47mm (1.278")31.71mm (1.248")16.3g (0.55oz)
38T36.29mm (1.429")35.53mm (1.399")21.0g (0.73oz)
42T40.11mm (1.579")39.34mm (1.549")26.3g (0.90oz)

Pulley Size Chart (mm)
11 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)

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Prices can't be beat.

- 16th September 2016

Great color! Quality is perfect as far as I can tell. Would use and order again.

Great for pulling!

- 13th August 2015

Quality made, gets the job done, and looks snazzy too. My only minor complaint is I find 4-40 set screws to be a little too small.

Pulleys and belts

- 11th August 2015

Although i have not finished the project and it is not for a robotic piece but rather a remote throttle for a trolling motor, I can see that it will work perfectly.

Thanks for the engineering on your part.



- 24th February 2015

Need two position screw, only one on the set.A pulley have two screw hole. [FTR: Only one setscrew is needed/supplied, but you are able to use another in the second threaded hole if you wish!]

Great product

- 25th September 2014

Nice finish, sturdy and yet reasonably light.
Had the 3mm hole bored out to 3.13mm to fit on a RC car converted to belt drive. Runs smooth as silk, so quiet it is almost eerie. The car had a loud transmission and the battery life was terrible, with this setup, I went from 26 minutes to 34 minutes of run time, the motor is cooler, it is simply awesome.

High quality & good looking product

- 27th March 2013

I bought a couple of these to use in a spinning weapon on my first bot, they performed admirably. I bored out one of the 22T pulleys to use with a 7/16" OD bearing and attached it with roll pins to my weapon bar - worked great!

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FingerTech S3M Timing BeltFingerTech S3M Timing Belt - 2.93 CAD

Timing pulleys and belts are the best way to transmit power from your motor to drive wheels or a spinning weapon.

While O-Rings and round belts will slip under tension, timing belts have teeth that ensure a positive lock to the pulleys.

A range of thirty-two belt sizes allows you to design your robot then pick a belt, rather than the other way around!

Use with our FingerTech S3M pulleys, or any other 3mm pitch pulley.

•S3M pitch (3mm high-torque)

•Width: 4mm

•Circumferences: 120mm (40T) - 408mm (136T).

Hex WrenchHex Wrench - 0.90 CAD
• Hex Wrench (aka Allen Key)
• Used for various screws and setscrews (see details)
Price: 5.86 CAD
4.45 USD 4.01 EUR
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