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Solid, but one request

- 20th April 2018

Very good power switch, haven't had any fail on me so far (besides one due to me really over-tightening like an idiot). Would it be possible to have an option to include adequately sized screws and nuts for an all-in-one mounting solution? [FTR: We'll look into it!]

Too specialized to be of use

- 06th December 2017

There's one big problem with this switch - the case requires a very specialized mounting solution. The way it's designed, you have to mount it to a vertical wall and then also have a hole through the top of the chassis to access the setscrew. It's a solid switch once you get around it, but you basically can't experiment with placement with it due to its design.

Can we PLEASE have a variant of this with top-mounted screw holes?
[FTR: The copper tabs run lengthways through the switch making top-mounted screw holes impossible. Why not use a short piece of angle (L-shaped) aluminum? Should achieve what you need without adding much weight!]


- 18th March 2017

Part of it was broken but as soon as I notified them they shipped a new one! Great switch and great customer service!

Very cool.

- 16th September 2016

Don't second guess this one. Buy it! Don't struggle with screws ductape or zip ties. R/C power switches are unreliable in battle. Being able to turn the bot on with a twist makes those stressful moments before a fight much calmer. It's weight is almost insignificant. Again if your thinking bout it.... Buy it.. Heck buy two at the price you won't regret it.

Works fine with 6s LiPo running 4 drill motors

- 03rd February 2016

I have a Mini switch in my 12lber that works fine for running 4 drill motors with a 6s LiPo (25.8v fully charged). I'm using 16 gauge wire, and it doesn't even get slightly warm.

My only issue is it seems like the power can turn off if I tighten the screw too much. I've never had it turn off on its own though.
[FTR: That sounds like it may be a problem with the individual switch. Contact us to get it fixed!]

Handles serious power

- 03rd February 2016

Ran this little switch in a 12lb combat robot at 28.8v and 70amp pulse current draw. 2 drill motors and a chunky brushless weapon motor. Switch preformed flawlessly. Easy to mount and solder.

Great compact switch

- 03rd February 2016

Was able to run ~160A burst through the switch in my 15 pound robot without any issues. Very impressive, especially considering how small it is!

Great compact switch

- 03rd February 2016

Was able to run ~160A burst through the switch in my 15 pound robot without any issues. Very impressive, especially considering how small it is!

Can never go back to plugging in wires

- 09th January 2016

I always used wire connectors to power my bot. Problem is you need an access panel, you have to tape the wires down so its hard to get at them, and I'm always afraid they will still get pulled out.

These switches are so convenient, I tried one out and now I use them in all 5 of my robots without issue.

The most damage you'll ever do to it

- 26th October 2015

is on installation. I've broken a few through overheating during soldering or over-tightening, but after getting them working again they're serious skookem choochers. The only time I've ever had an issue with them working as a switch was when the armor plate or support structure they've been attached to has been penetrated, knocking the switch free but maintaining functionality.

Fine for small stuff, but not to beetleweight combat

- 24th February 2015

Awesome switch for ease of use, but the first major hit my beetleweight took shattered the case, leaving me with an intermittent switch that cost me the match. Changed to a powerpole jumper and won 4 matches that day.
[FTR: We've sent a replacement and are waiting for a review update. The mini-switches have been used in Middleweight robots with no issue so we suspect a problem with the assembly/cementing of the switch - our bad!]

Great Product

- 24th February 2015

This is the ideal product for rocketry. Thanks for the great product.

My favorite Fingertech product.

- 19th December 2014

This is seriously my favorite product that Fingertech sells. The hubs, motors and electronics are great, but this has no competition. I'm even considering putting a couple in my Level 3 rocket.

Please note: it uses standard 4-40 cap screws if you, like me, managed to strip the head of the screw by using the wrong size driver. Also, hot glue works better than superglue for attaching it in your robot.

Great Switch!

- 09th September 2014

This switch is light, robust and compact. I'm currently using it in a 3lb battlebot (3s LiPo) with no problems and will make sure to have one of these in every robot I design in the future!

Why use anything else

- 15th July 2013

I got to borrow a demo model from Mike Jeffries at Motorama 2013. I ran it in a power hungry 3lb on 4s lipo. It never gave me a problem and took up less room than my deans removable link.


- 29th April 2013

Used this power switch in a 3lb and 1lb bot. Switch NEVER heats up and NEVER shut off during combat. My 3lb bot had a short from an ESC and the switch saw no effects from it at all! Great product! I plan to use these in all of my small robots! Much safer and way more reliable than any other power switch/plug I've used!

Smexy Power Switch!

- 24th April 2013

The Mini Power Switch is amazing! I've used it in multiple insect bots (3 and 1 lbs) with great success. The switch has never failed to power on/off or heated up in the slightest. By far the best lightweight switch on the market

April 2013 Servo Magazine Product Review

- 11th April 2013

"The design is simple, light and compact."
"This (switch) provides a huge margin for even the highest-powered 3lb robots."
"After testing the switch, I intend to use it in all of my future insect class robots."

The ideal power switch solution for 150g - 3 lbs+

- 15th March 2013

Quality construction, super lightweight and small. This is the switch to have for any insect combat robot. Based on the ratings, this could even be used in as large as a hobbyweight or mantisweight, especially a non-weaponed bot.

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