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Excellent belts at a great price

- 11th February 2018

I put far more power through these then an average 3lb beater (0 to 25k rpm in less then a second) and they wear in a bit, but not enough to ever skip, and have never had one fail. I've bent high grade shafting in weapon motors with no damage done to the belt (even when running with a bent motor shaft in a 0 flex frame).

If your bot weighs 3lbs or less use these

- 11th February 2018

Easiest to use, best form factor belt for insect combat robots. If you build something that can make one of these skip when new and with proper tension, your bot is probably not actually less than 3 pounds.

Great price for a great product

- 16th September 2016

Great belts at great prices. 4mm width is perfect for antweights and probably beetleweight. I'd recommend this over the more common 6mm belts

Very durable!

- 09th January 2016

These timing belts worked great for me, spinning a pulley-powered horizontal spinner, spinning the bar at a tip speed of 160mph, it has lasted me through a bunch of testing versus cinder blocks, wood logs, etc. I got a spare belt, but I doubt i'll need it!

Excellent product

- 13th August 2015

Good selection of sizes, very durable, haven't broken one yet!

Great value

- 24th February 2015

Great servive

Perfect belt

- 25th September 2014

High quality product, much stronger than expected which is great for my application since this belt will be abused somewhere in the vicinity of 28,000 RPM. Very happy to have found a source for these belts, shipping is lightning fast, will order again for sure.

Excellent product

- 21st July 2012

As good or better quality than any other mini timing belts I have used. I've been using them for quite a while and have not noticed any wearing, even after the pulley was cut up and damaged!

Aerospace precision!

- 21st May 2011

I have used these in a custom belt drive spur system on an hpi blitz rc truck designed for high speed runs. I ran over 2 hours on a single belt at over 65 THOUSAND RPM to deliver speeds over 90mph and whisper quiet performance.

I have recently started using them in my robots and have not been a single bit disappointing with the consistency and quality they all measure within one thousandth of an inch of each other and will not stretch but as they break in they become more quiet!

And as for my beetleweight bar spinner that spins a titanium bar at over 10 thousand rpm with over 900 foot pounds of torque on impact I am positive I will break my grade 5 titanium bar before the belt does!

57T belt

- 08th February 2011

This item is obviously a good quality product. My only wish was that it was more flexible.

65T Belt

- 29th March 2010

Its a fine belt made well and perfect for my application

Another excellent deal

- 09th November 2009

I bought belts along with fingertech pulleys and use them in my 1HP spinning weapon. They don't stretch at all and I haven't had to replace one yet. Pretty good for $4 bucks!

Tough Belts

- 27th September 2009

I have used these belts in my robots in the past and I haven't been disappointed.

These belts, along with the matching pulleys, are the leading power-translation option.

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