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Kingduino Uno R3

Product Details 

• Give your robot a brain!  The Kingduino Uno is an excellent control board for the Cobra Mini-Sumo Kit.
• Interfaces easily with a myriad of sensors.
• Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
Price: 19.05 CAD
14.53 USD 13.70 EUR

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FingerTech tinyESC v2
Based on 19 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

FingerTech tinyESCs pack the most power into the smallest package!  Don't sacrifice space and weight on bulky motor controllers - tinyESCs are what the champions use!
Version 2.4 now includes backwards-polarity protection - plugging a battery in backwards will not destroy a tinyESC! There is also now protection on the 5V receiver line so that other BECs will not affect the tinyESC - no need to disconnect the red wire anymore!

• Bi-directional brushed motor controller.
• Ultra-compact and lightweight.
• Undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemp protection.
• Internal BEC (battery eliminator circuit) provides 5V to receiver - no extra receiver battery required!
• Calibrate function allows precision driving.
• Status LEDs for both directions and calibration.
• Read the tinyESC review in SERVO Magazine (v2.0) and (v2.4)

These speed controllers are perfectly matched to our own line of Gold Spark and Silver Spark motors, Copals, Sanyos, B16s, B62s, Kitbots 1000RPM, etc.  For the short operating times of robots, anything up to 5A stall can be run by tinyESCs.
Install MiniQD Connectors? YesNo
Price: 34.29 CAD
26.16 USD 24.66 EUR

FingerTech tinyMixer

Product Details 

Don't like 2-stick "tank" steering? Need a stick free for weapon control? Using a gyro for drive stabilization?

The tinyMixer combines the "left/right" (Aileron) and "up/down" (Elevator) channels of a single stick into two individual drive channels. This allows you to maneuver the robot with just one thumb, leaving the other open for weapon control.

New Invert function!  If your robot gets flipped upside down but is still drivable, you can invert the controls and drive it as if it were still right-side-up.  Alternatively, you can invert while right-side-up and make the back of the robot into the front.  This can be useful if your robot has both a weapon and a wedge and you want to attack with the other.

• Smallest and lightest R/C channel mixer available that includes an Invert function for both Mixed/No-Mix driving modes.
• Includes a proper failsafe and is legal for combat robot competitions.
• Bright blue status LED can double as power indicator.
• Read the tinyMixer review in SERVO Magazine!
Price: 19.05 CAD
14.53 USD 13.70 EUR

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9V 4.5A Regulator

Product Details 

• Looking for a way to get more power from your servo?
• Want to run your robot's drive system off 11.1V or more, but the servo can't go that high?
• This voltage regulator will supply 9V from any battery up to 23V.
• 4.5A is enough to power even our strongest HXT12K metal gear servo (four of them, in fact)!
Price: 14.29 CAD
10.90 USD 10.28 EUR

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FingerTech MiniQD Connectors

Product Details 

• In combat, drive motors get wrecked all the time.  You don't want to have to be soldering in the pits!  Use our MiniQD Connectors and swapping motors becomes easy.
• MiniQD Connectors are designed to fit perfectly onto the solder tabs of 16mm Spark gearmotors (or any FK-050 clones).  They click into place and will stay on even if your robot is bouncing around the arena!
Price: 7.62 CAD
5.81 USD 5.48 EUR

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FingerTech Mini Terminal Block (pair)
Based on 2 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

• When you don't want to solder every wire connection, these push-wire terminal blocks are a convenient solution. 
• Easily connect and disconnect up to four 18ga wires to a common connection point.
• Includes one red and one black terminal block for positive and negative (ground) connections.

Price: 6.19 CAD
4.72 USD 4.45 EUR

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Channel Mixer
Based on 1 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

Don't like "tank" steering? Need a stick free for weapon control?
The Channel Mixer combines the "left/right" (Rudder or Aileron) and "up/down" (Throttle or Elevator) channels of a single stick into two individual motor outputs.
This allows you to maneuver the robot with just one thumb, leaving the other open for weapon control.

• Compact and lightweight: 5grams (0.17oz)
• Mixing Rate: 1x1 Fixed
• Precision: 200 steps
• Does NOT failsafe.  Check your event's rules for legality.
Price: 5.71 CAD
4.36 USD 4.11 EUR

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