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DYS D2822/17 Brushless Outrunner 1100KV

Product Details 

• This D2822/17 Brushless Outrunner is what we use in the Viper Vertical and Horizontal Spinner Add-Ons. Its size and power make it ideal for antweight robot weapons.

Price: 16.67 CAD
12.66 USD 11.33 EUR
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FingerTech S2838 Brushless Inrunner 2970KV

Product Details 

• This Brushless Inrunner is what we use in the Beater Bar Electronics. Its size and power make it ideal for beetleweight robot weapons (and aggressively ambitious for antweight weapons!)

• With an inrunner, you don't have to worry about wires getting caught by a spinning outer can.

Price: 30.63 CAD
23.26 USD 20.82 EUR
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FingerTech "Gold Spark" 16mm Gearmotor
Based on 12 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

FingerTech's Gold Spark motors are great for hobby use and in competition robots such as mini-sumo and line following.  If your application will be close to or exceeding the specified torque limits, check out our Silver Spark motors.

• The extra-long 3mm shaft is triple-supported internally so that wheels can be mounted directly.
• All-metal spur gear reduction gearhead mated to a Mabuchi FK-050 motor.
• 9 different gear ratios for a wide range of rpm and torque to choose from (see details).
• Only 28grams (0.99oz).

Price: 19.14 CAD
14.54 USD 13.01 EUR
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FingerTech "Silver Spark" 16mm Gearmotor
Based on 19 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

The Silver Spark line of motors has the same 16mm diameter as the Gold Sparks, but the gears are a larger pitch. This means less worrying about stripping teeth in your bigger or heavier applications!

• Extra-long 3mm shaft for mounting wheels directly with the option to use a bearing block for support on the wheel's far side.
• Same 11mm face mount pattern as Gold Spark motors.
• All-metal spur gearhead mated to a Mabuchi FK-050 motor.
• 9 different gear ratios for a wide range of rpm and torque to choose from.  One twice as fast, and one twice as slow as the Gold Sparks!
• Weights from 28 - 32grams (0.99 - 1.13oz). (see details)

Price: 23.87 CAD
18.13 USD 16.22 EUR
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FingerTech "Silver Spark" 16mm Gearbox

Product Details 

Please note: For a limited time, we have the 33:1 ratio available with either the bushing flush with the face (like normal) or extending 2.4mm out of the face (will not work with our flush-mount Bearing Blocks). Please select your preference.
Want to use our Silver Spark gearbox with your own motor?  Stripped one out during combat?  Maybe you just want some spares for the next event.  Here you go!

• Easy to replace - just two screws.
• For specs and information, see the Silver Spark product page.

Flush or Extended Bushing (Only for 33:1 ratio)
Flush Bushing
Extended Bushing
Price: 17.34 CAD
13.17 USD 11.79 EUR
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DeWut 3-Speed Gearmotor Kit

Product Details 

• DeWalt transmissions and motors have been staples in robotic drivetrains for many years. But like any integrated consumer product, the gearbox itself is oddly shaped, not attached to the motor, and its output shaft is a custom irregular polygon! What could you possibly do? We take care of the hard part for you with this gearbox kit.

• This mounting kit converts a DeWalt 397892 series 3-speed transmission and the DeWalt 396505 series 18 volt motor into a finished, ready-to-use gearmotor with 3 selectable speeds
• 1/2" keyed output shaft riding in dual ball bearings
• Adjustable torque clutch setting using the existing gearbox clutch
Price: 274.77 CAD
208.70 USD 186.76 EUR
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FingerTech Bearing Block
Based on 4 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

• This bearing block can be used as a motor mount for 16mm gearmotors (such as our Spark motors) or as a simple bearing block for a 3mm shaft.

• The bearing works with the Spark Motors by aligning the mounting holes to the Spark mounting holes and offers additional shaft support.

Price: 6.31 CAD
4.79 USD 4.29 EUR
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FingerTech Flat Motor Mount (pair)
Based on 1 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

These anodized 6061 aluminum Flat Motor Mounts are used to face-mount motors to flat robot sides. 

• Includes a pair of mounts with countersunk mounting holes.

• 11mm hole pattern for Antweight motors like Gold Spark, Silver Spark, etc.

• 17mm hole pattern for Beetleweight motors like Kitbots 1000RPM, etc.

Price: 6.08 CAD
4.62 USD 4.13 EUR
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FingerTech L-Bracket Motor Mount (pair)
Based on 2 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

These anodized aluminum motor mounts will fit just about any small motor with mounting hole distances from 10mm - 12.5mm (0.39 - 0.49in).  Especially suited to both Gold and Silver Spark motors, they will also hold all "Mini Metal Gearmotors", small Copal motors, Maxon motors, etc.

• Seven different mounting slots will fit up to 3mm or 4-40 sized screws.
• Width: 16mm (0.63in)
• Height: 19.8mm (0.78in)
• Length: 18.6mm (0.73in)
• Thickness: 1.45mm (0.057in)
• Shaft height: A motor with 11mm hole spacing will raise the motor shaft up to 11.7mm (0.46in).
• Only 1.5grams (0.05oz) each!
Price: 4.73 CAD
3.59 USD 3.22 EUR
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Aluminum Servo Arm

Product Details 

• Heavy Duty Aluminum Servo Arm

• Fits Futaba 25T servo splines, as in the GS-5515MG metal gear servo supplied with our Viper Lifter Add-On, and the HXT12K metal gear servo.

• Is a plastic servo arm the weak link in your robot?  Beef it up with a metal arm!

Price: 3.83 CAD
2.91 USD 2.60 EUR

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