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- 07th November 2020

parental assistance recommended for children under 10 or 11

Best spend ever

- 23rd May 2020

I have wanted to get into combat robotics my whole life. I thought it would be way to hard to build a robot but the Viper kit made it easy. It was easy to build and use. Soon I will try to enter a competition (once COVID-19 ends)

I highly recommend getting this kit as it makes combat robotics easy for all ages.

Great First Robot for an Amazing Price!

- 08th May 2020

First off, the Fingertech Company and website were awesome! The shipping was great and super fast, too!

Next, the robot. This is an amazing robot for starters like myself. The instructions were very detailed with pictures and words that guided you every step of the way. The motors work well and the connections are superb.The chassis and Polycarbonate armor are super strong!

Looking forward to upgrading the robot and buying Weapons Add-Ons!

The bot is awesome

- 28th November 2019

I got the bot and it took a little while to get it to work but I fried the receiver so I had to get a new one and now it is working

Great First Foray into Combat Robotics!

- 24th May 2019

Well, let me start by saying it was hell trying to actually get the robot. It was out of stock and was delayed twice, resulting in a 2+ month wait time.

However, now that it's actually here, it's fantastic. A brilliant first foray into combat robotics, and really teaches you how to the basics of electronics and engineering. I bought the horizontal spinner add-on, and this tiny little 1lb robot is legitimately terrifying at full power. Considering buy another one for my young sister to play with and fight each other.

One downside, it's ridiculously difficult to put the snap rings onto the wheel hubs. Once they were broken in, it became much easier, but that first time, I nearly quit in a swear-fueled rampage.


- 24th March 2019

Totally new to combat robotics. This was easy to build and, paired with the spinner, worked pretty well. There were some issues at first but we were able to fix them.

Absolutely worth the money

- 01st January 2019

My 9 year old son got one for his birthday and we built it together. I think it is absolutely worth the money and a great starting point. Did ok in competition easy to put back together. I recommend it.

A speedy way to get a bot up and running

- 01st January 2019

The Viper is a speedy way to get a bot up and running. No soldering required. My 10 year old assembled in an afternoon pretty much solo. In contrast, we've been building cardboard combat "robots" as well and as newcomers to electronics, we spend a lot of time resoldering poor connections or replacing bad parts since we didn't quite know what we were doing yet. I like how the Viper works out of the box and introduces you to the basic pieces.

Honestly the best way to get started

- 01st January 2019

I started my robot fighting career on the older version back in 2012 and got 2nd place at my first event. It is honestly the best way to get started. The kit leaves lots of room for modification.

Great entry level kit and fun with the Family.

- 31st December 2018

The Viper kit is an awesome starting point. Even if you don't actually build the robot and pirate all the components for your specific needs.

This is a very straight forward design with a great assembly manual and an even cooler website to go to for any other technical information.

Use this kit to build a radio controlled card board box or what you want with your child or build the actual kit which is a great entry point into combat robotics. Then when you are ready to do a custom robot build together all of the components in this kit can easily be swapped in which many choose to do.

There is no shopping for parts and trying to figure out what works together, it's all been done for you. That way you can sit down with your kids and learn.

I bought this kit for my wife and had her assemble it. She took second at her first event. It's a pretty neat set up.

Couldn't be happier with the Viper!

- 02nd January 2018

I built 1 Viper kit with my 5-year-old boy over the past few days. It took a total of a few hours from start to finish, including painting the front wedge, learning how to program mixing in the HK-T6A, a few goofs (crawling around the garage floor looking for 2 lost screws that were in the chassis all along), letting the boy do some of the work, etc.

The build was a bit too advanced for my son--I'm not sure at what age this kit would be appropriate for a child to build.

As an experienced & handy adult, working alone, I think I could build one in only 1 hour. I've never built something so cool so quickly & so easily. (We bought 3 kits; #2 & #3 should be a snap to assemble.)

Fabulous kit all around, great manual, great support from FingerTech!

We couldn't be happier. This is an extremely slick, organized, tidy bot.

We are looking forward to adding the child-friendly lifter kits later, after we have mastered driving & wedging.

love it

- 23rd October 2017

My 11 year old built this himself. it works great

Good even for non-techies

- 15th October 2017

I'm not a super tech oriented guy, but my 13 year old son and I were able to get it together with him doing almost all the work. For a few minor problems customer support was super helpful with suggestions and prompt response on e-mail.

A starter kit with legs

- 26th August 2017

I bought this kit and the lifter mech and have at long last gotten to a couple contests. It is easy to build and work with. It can take a beating from a drum spinner and keep on going. There is plenty of room to modify it and the learning experience from using a kit is great. I make my living with electronics but not having to calculate everything from the bolts up to be sure you have everything correct makes it easy for anyone new to get going.

Great to start with

- 26th June 2017

This a great starter. Soon I will be purchasing the add on for it. It took my grandson and hour and a half to put together but he took his time and got it right. It is great gift. He is enjoying it. I also like to play with with it

Great Introduction to Combat Robots

- 13th February 2017

I bought this for my 10-year old son that wanted to build combat robots. Not being electronically or mechanically talented, I purchased this for him, and he was extremely pleased. The instructions in the kit are very detailed and easy-to-follow, and the quality is excellent. This is a perfect way to start building combat robots without having to start completely from scratch.

It rules

- 15th January 2017

Very nice combat robot and very fun too also very easy to build.


- 13th April 2016

By the reviews we say i'd say its a good kit as it has everything in it.
We will get this robot when our team members have saved enought money to buy it.

Two thumbs up

- 24th December 2015

I found the Viper kit to be relatively easy to assemble. The motor tabs bent somewhat easily, but once the snaps from the ESCs were on, the rest of the bot was a breeze to assemble. My two complaints are minor and moderate. The first is that my controller is a bit difficult to adjust pitch-wise. The bot always wants to lean a bit to either the left or the right when driving forward, but that's been fixed as well as I can get it. The second is that the polycarbonate used for the wedge piece is not pre-cut as to allow for a smooth and proper wedge. Even a Lego toy was able to get underneath it from the front.

That said, the Viper kit I have will be customized to fix the few flaws, and in due time will experience its first competition. I would also like to thank the Fingertech Robotics crew for providing excellent customer service - you don't normally find that type of service nowadays, and it was a very nice extra touch.

Great Starter kit

- 07th November 2015

Came together very easily, with zero issues. The instructions were very detailed, and great pictures makes this kit nearly impossible to screw up. Even if you have no interest in using your bot for robot combat, it's still fun to chase your pets around. Or use it as a base for other cool creations 5 stars!

great kit

- 21st September 2015

built within an hour on my couch. Added a titanuim wedge and now have a 1 and 3 record on my first event


- 11th July 2015

I entered the robot with a spinner and got 1st place

Just what I wanted

- 01st July 2015

Went together with few snags. Works. Shipped very quickly. Ordering add-on today.

Viper Bot

- 13th May 2015

Great service and fast postage, will purchase updates to viper in future

The best on the market

- 24th February 2015

If you want a simple but customizable robot platform this is perfect for the job. I've seen a lot of other robot kits in the internet, none of which are as good as this. Highly recommend!

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