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FingerTech Mini Terminal Block (pair)
FingerTech Mini Terminal Block (pair)
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• When you don't want to solder every wire connection, these push-wire terminal blocks are a convenient solution. 
• Easily connect and disconnect up to four wires to a common connection point.
• Includes one red and one black terminal block for positive and negative (ground) connections.

Includes one red and one black push-wire 4-terminal block.
Material: Glass-filled nylon, 0.20m Beryllium Copper retainer tabs
Dimensions (each): 10.6 x 9.8 x 5.8mm (0.42 x 0.39 x 0.23in)
Weight (each): 0.7grams (0.025oz)
Accepts wire size: 18-24gauge solid or stranded wire (larger wires can be used by trimming away enough strands to fit)
Continuous Current: 6A (forever).  For robots, usable continuous current is 30A.

1. Strip insulation back 4-5mm (0.15-0.2in).
2. Twist stranded wires before insertion.  Tinning with solder is even better.
3. Push wire into one of four holes until stop is reached.
4. To release a wire from the terminal block, push a flat tool into the slot above the wire to free it.
Installation and removal diagram

3 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.7 / 5 (Show All)

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Quick & easy alternative to solder!

- 02nd January 2018

Before ordering, I had intended to solder all connections in my Viper kit.

However, after using this terminal block, I don't feel that soldering is necessary at all in this kit.

Super easy to install, clean, stylish--very attractive, especially for a small project or one that will require frequent disconnecting/connecting wires.

Quick and easy, although sometimes a bit finicky

- 24th February 2015

I was tired of soldering together every single wire on my robot and having to de-and re-solder every wire together every time a motor fried or a wire got cut on an edge. The Mini Terminal blocks held up great despite getting tossed around an arena by two spinners and still make it easy to swap wires at the end of a match to replace anything that fried. While I wouldn't recommend using them for brushless distribution, they held up great to running 2 Silver Sparks worth of stall.

I had some small problem with actually getting a few wires in, but they tended to be high strand count or of low quality. Even then there were a few that half-engaged and then promptly pulled out as I flipped the wiring harness around. A few of the terminals I had to open with a razor blade, then push the wire in and pull the razor out just to get them to stay. Make sure to tug on your wires after you get them in to make sure you didn't only half-grab the wire! [FTR: multi-strand wires can be tinned first - they will stay in better!...

Simple & reliable!

- 27th March 2013

I installed a pair of these in my antweight for an event this past weekend, they performed admirably! Never had any wires come loose despite being tossed around the arena like crazy.

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Price: 6.31 CAD
4.80 USD 4.31 EUR
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