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FingerTech Brushless Mega Spark - Premium Planetary Gearmotor 2300KV

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• They've finally arrived!  In development for nearly two years, FingerTech's new Brushless Mega Spark Gearmotors are here to step up your beetleweight game.

• We've taken the guesswork out of brushless drive. No more fiddling with mismatched faceplates and reflashing ESCs - just drop them in your robot and go!

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New for Sept '22 - If you find the 2300KV too fast for your wheel size, we now carry a 1500KV version!

They've finally arrived!  In development for nearly two years, FingerTech's new Brushless Mega Spark Gearmotors are here to step up your beetleweight game. (Yes we appreciate the irony of applying the naming convention "Mega Spark" to a brushless motor that generates no sparks!)
We've taken the guesswork out of brushless drive. No more fiddling with mismatched faceplates and reflashing ESCs - just drop them in your robot and go!
Dec '22 - Now with metal gears in all stages!  Email us if you had a prior version that needs plastic gears replaced.

• Tuned for the perfect mix of speed and torque. Depending on wheel size, you can outrun or outpush any opponent!
• FingerTech's signature extra long shaft can be used for added inboard/outboard bearing support, or for extra wide wheels! Use a rotary disc to cut off the excess.
• The huge 6mm diameter shaft is plenty strong for mounting drive wheels directly.
• A nearly drop-in replacement for the common 22mm Brushed Planetary Gearmotor, these are 2mm larger diameter, but 3.5mm shorter in length, and 13.1grams (0.46oz) lighter!

Motor Specifications:
- FT1806 Custom-wound High Performance Brushless Outrunner
- KV: 2300KV
- Recommended ESC: BL20A-R Reversing Brushless ESC
- Diameter: 23.1mm (slightly smaller than gearbox, so it won't rub on a wall if flush mounted)
- Motor Wires: 10cm 26AWG long with 3.5mm bullet connectors

Gearbox Specifications:
- Premium planetary gearbox with dual deep-groove ball bearings on the output shaft and metal gears in all stages
- Ratio: 21.5:1
- Diameter: 24mm (0.94in)
- Shaft: 6mm diameter, 38mm length, hardened steel with precision ground D-flat for setscrews or D-bore hub.
- Mounting holes: 4x M2-0.40 holes spaced equally on an 18mm circle, fits our Flat Mega Spark Mount.

Gearmotor Specifications:
- RPM @ 3S: 1187rpm
- RPM @ 4S: 1583rpm
- Length: 46.5mm + 38mm shaft (1.83in + 1.50in shaft)
- Weight: 71.5g (2.52oz) (much of that is the extra long shaft, which we recommend cutting flush with the wheel)

Gearmotor Drawing

Battle Hardening:
As with every gearmotor, it is best practice to remove all the screws and reassemble using loctite. A small dab on each screw will be enough to keep them from vibrating loose.
- Since the gearboxes are packed with grease, it will need to be cleaned off of the eight small Phillips screws before applying the loctite.
- Even better than loctite is a product called Vibra-Tite VC-3. Apply it to the screw threads, wait 30min, and it will harden to a plastic-like coating. Since it hardens before touching the greasy gearbox threads, it can do a better job of holding the screws in place.

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- 18th April 2022
These motors are incredible. I was using pololu motors and then the botkits motors you offer on this site but these are on another level. So much faster and lighter too!
Extremely high quality
- 28th February 2022
These gearboxes are extremely high quality and the output shaft is AMAZING as compared to the competition.. I used "mercury boxes" before this and the shipping times are HORRIBLE, 3-6 months sometimes if you even get it. And the shafts on those are such a soft steel that just tightening a flat head set screw "mares" the shaft making the hub almost impossible to remove and bending extremely easily. These mega sparks shaft is WAY higher quality just by looking at them and even CRANKING down the set screw and doing about 20 min of full throttle driving in my test box today after installing the new gears, and the shafts had 0 marks on it from the set screw and the hub came right off! Super awesome and thank you again.
FingerTech FT1806 2300KV Brushless Motor

• This is the FT1806 2300KV motor out of our Brushless Mega Spark gearmotors.

11T Brass Pinion Gear - 2mm bore

• 11T pinion with 2mm bore to mate our FT1806 motor to the Mega Spark Planetary Gearbox.

M2-0.40 x 5mm Flat Head Screws (8pcs)

• These are the screws for mounting the 22mm 730rpm Premium Planetary Gear Motor to our Flat Mega Spark Mount.

• Includes 8 screws, good for mounting two motors.

FingerTech Mega Spark Premium Planetary Gearbox

Looking to pair our Mega Spark Premium Planetary Gearbox with a different motor? Now you can! This is the gearhead off our Brushless Mega Spark Gearmotor, and includes a pinion to press onto a brushless or brushed drive motor of your choosing.

FingerTech Twist Hubs (pair)

Use Twist Hubs to easily and securely mount our FingerTech Foam Wheels. Foam wheels are the preferred choice for combat robots because they absorb impacts and save your drive motor gearboxes.

• Use Twist Hubs to mount our FingerTech Foam Wheels, or if you already have hobby store Lite Flites (or their thinner counterpart Lectra Lites) they can be used with Twist Hubs too!

• The foam tire is held tightly by a custom locking washer, which must be pressed in and turned 90 degrees to release.

• The hub is secured to the motor shaft by a strong 8-32 setscrew.

• Available with 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm shaft bore, but can be drilled out as big as 6.35mm (0.25in).

• Make sure to choose the correct Thin/Wide size to match your wheels.

BL-Heli 20A Brushless Speed Controller (Reversing)

• 20A Brushless Speed Controller programmed for both Forward and Reverse directions (for drive motors)
• Perfectly matched to our "Brushless Mega Spark" 24mm Premium Planetary Gearmotor

FingerTech Flat Mega Spark Mount (pair)

These anodized 6061 aluminum Flat Mega Spark Mounts are used to face-mount drive motors to flat robot sides. 

• Includes a pair of mounts with countersunk mounting holes.

• 18mm hole pattern for Beetleweight motors such as our ;Brushless Mega Spark Gearmotors or Premium 22mm Planetary Gearmotor.

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