RadioLink R8EF 2.4GHz 8-Channel Receiver

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The RadioLink R8EF receiver provides a reliable and lightweight link to your robot.

• Bind multiple receivers to one transmitter.

• Works with RadioLink T8S Transmitter.

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The RadioLink R8EF receiver provides a reliable and lightweight link to your robot.  Works with Radiolink T8S Transmitter.

- See the T8S Transmitter page for all the programmable mixes and configurations possible with this radio pair.


- Size: 41.5 x 21.5 x 11.5mm (1.63 x 0.85 x 0.45in)
- Weight: 7g (0.25oz)
- Channels: 8 channels
- Radio Protocol: FHSS.
- Signals: SBUS, PPM, PWM. (SBUS/PPM and PWM can operate simultaneously)
- Operating Voltage: 3-15V
- Operating Current: 38-45mA @5V
- Section Precision: 4096, 0.25us per section
- Control distance: 2km (1.2mi)

- You may bind multiple receivers to one transmitter. That means you can have multiple robots with receivers in them, and just one transmitter to control them. Make sure to set up all your robots the same if you don't want to load different model profiles between matches!

Binding Instructions: 
If you power on your robot but the receiver only gives a slow red flash, it means there is no valid paired transmitter being detected.
1. To bind a receiver to a transmitter, first power off the robot and transmitter
2. Bring the transmitter and the receiver close to each other (about 50cm / 20in).
3. Power on the T8S.
4. Power on the R8EF. Its red LED will start flashing slowly.
5. Press the Binding Button on the side of the receiver until the LED begins flashing quickly then release, the binding process will begin.
6. When the LED stops flashing and turns to constant on, binding is complete. If it fails, the LED will keep flashing slowly so repeat the above steps to try again.
7. When binding is complete, you can turn on your transmitter and robot and the receiver's red light should be on solid with the tinyESCs blinking to indicate valid signal. (Assuming you are using tinyESCs.)

CAD file: Coming soon!

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