FingerTech FT1806 2300KV Brushless Motor

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• This is the FT1806 2300KV motor out of our Brushless Mega Spark gearmotors.

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This is the FT1806-2300KV motor out of our Brushless Mega Spark Gearmotors.  Use it as a replacement for battle-damage, or in your own creation.

We have specially designed these to have no E-clip which creates a weak point in the shaft.

Motor Specifications:
- FT1806 Custom-wound High Performance Brushless Outrunner
- KV: 2300KV
- Rated Voltage: 20V (happy on 2-4S lipoly)
- Rated Current: 10A. Max Current measured @ 11.92V: 10.3A
- Recommended ESC: BL20A-R Reversing Brushless ESC
- Shaft Diameter: 2mm (0.078in)
- Shaft Length: 9.6mm (0.38in)
- Weight: 25.9g (0.91oz)
- Diameter: 23.1mm (0.91in) (slightly smaller than a 24mm gearbox, so it won't rub on a sidewall if flush mounted)
- Length (back to face): 18.5mm (0.73in)
- Motor Wires: 10cm long 26AWG with 3.5mm bullet connectors
- If you require a new pinion gear to match the Mega Spark planetary gearbox, they are here: (11T Pinion) (One pinion comes with the gearbox if you are buying that already.)

Mounting Holes:
- Two M2 holes spaced 16mm (0.63in), two M2 spaced 12mm (0.47in), 90degrees offset. Four M3.0 x 5mm Phillips screws included.
- The rotating portion of the motor has four M2 screw holes spaced evenly on a 9mm circle.
Wiring: Connect the three ESC wires any way you like. If the motor is spinning backwards, swap any two wires.

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