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FingerTech Blade Hub

Product Details 

FingerTech's Blade Hub is the best way to attach a blade to a shaft.  It uses a flange nut to hold the blade tightly, meaning you can use off-the-shelf sawblades without needing to drill screw holes into hardened steel!  Custom blades can be made stronger by not having those same mounting screw holes.

• The stepped design allows use of blades with different bore sizes (10mm, 16mm (5/8in), and 20mm).
• A clamp mount with two screws attaches the hub to your weapon motor shaft. (Remember to apply thread-lock.) (This replaces the 8-32 setscrew in the previous version.)
• The hub has a 6-32 threaded hole so that your horizontal spinner robot can rest on a screw head and not be pulled in different directions when the blade spins. Also useful for supporting the hub's far side in vertical spinners.
Price: 19.05 CAD
14.15 USD 12.64 EUR

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Snap Wheels (pair)
Based on 3 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

• High-quality neoprene foam tires mated with our popular Snap Hubs give you a lightweight, shock-absorbing, high-traction solution for transferring power to the ground.
• Unlike hobby airplane wheels, the diameter will always be accurate and the material won't change between batches.
• Diameters from 25.4mm-76.2mm (1.0in-3.0in) in 6.35mm (0.25in) increments.
• Widths of 12.7mm and 19.1mm (0.5in and 0.75in)
• Wheels sold in pairs.

Include Snap Hubs? No
3mm bore
4mm bore
Price: 4.29 CAD
3.19 USD 2.85 EUR

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Snap Ring Pliers - 1mm (0.038in) tips
Based on 1 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

• Our Snap Hubs use a snap ring with small 1mm (0.039in) holes.  Since pliers for these aren't as common as the 1.5mm (0.051in) tips, we are stocking some for your convenience!

Price: 7.62 CAD
5.66 USD 5.05 EUR

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FingerTech Snap Hubs (pair)
Based on 3 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

Foam wheels are the preferred choice for combat robots because they absorb impacts and save your drive motors from stripping teeth!
For a wheel and hub combination, see our Snap Wheels.  If you already have Lite Flites (or their thinner counterpart Lectra Lites) they can be used with Snap Hubs too!
With Snap Hubs, you can easily and securely mount these foam tires to your robot.
• The foam tire is held tightly by a custom washer, and features a recess to keep the snap ring from getting hit by weapons.
• The hub is secured to the motor shaft by a strong 8-32 setscrew.
• Available with 3mm and 4mm shaft bore, but can be drilled out as big as 6.35mm (0.25in).
Bore 3mm4mm
Width 0.50in (Lectra Lites)0.75in (Lite Flites)
Price: 15.24 CAD
11.32 USD 10.11 EUR

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FingerTech Urethane Sumo Wheel (single)
Based on 8 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

• By popular demand, we have brought our experience from molding mini-sumo wheels into larger Sumo Wheels!
• Our high-traction polyurethane is molded in four sizes around a machined and anodized aluminum hub.
Hardness Shore A20Shore A45
Enlarge Bore/Keyway? No change (3mm bore)
Enlarge Bore (enter size below) (+2.00 CAD)
1/2" Bore, 1/8" Keyway (+6.00 CAD)
 (Leave empty if not enlarging)
Price: 16.19 CAD
12.02 USD 10.74 EUR

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FingerTech Mini-Sumo Wheels (pair)
Based on 6 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

• Want to be at the top of the minisumo class but your robot's wheels keep slipping?  Look no further!
• Top-quality competition wheels made from high-traction polyurethane and injection-molded hubs.
Price: 22.05 CAD
16.37 USD 14.63 EUR

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FingerTech Mecanum Wheels (Set of 4)
Based on 1 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

• FingerTech's Mecanum Wheels allow any robotics enthusiast to add omni-directional capabilities to their creation.

• The new upgraded version is all-metal construction for maximum strength.

• Precision engineered aluminum hubs and rubber rollers with a customizable mount for any motor shaft size between 3mm - 6mm (0.118" - 0.25").

• Set includes four competition-grade wheels (two "A" side and two "B" side), a 1/16 hex wrench, and instructions for installing and controlling the wheels.
Price: 79.05 CAD
58.70 USD 52.43 EUR

FingerTech Single Mecanum Mount

Product Details 

• If you will be mounting your Mecanum Wheels on different robots or replace the motors and need a different shaft bore size, you will want to pick up some extra mounts.

• Bore is 3mm, can be drilled out to accommodate up to 1/4" shafts.
• Includes 6-32 setscrew
• Available in aluminum and delrin.
Material Plastic (Delrin)
Metal (Aluminum)
Price: 1.43 CAD
1.06 USD 0.95 EUR

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FingerTech Lite Hubs (pair)
Based on 8 ratings. (View)

Product Details 

• Lite Hubs press into Lite Flite and Lectra Lite foam wheels (hobby aircraft wheels found at most hobby stores), providing a secure and very lightweight method of mounting a wheel onto a motor shaft.
• Mount wheels onto any 3mm shaft  (Can be drilled out for 1/8" motor shafts)
• A setscrew secures the hub to the shaft.  Don't ever glue your wheels to your motors again!
• Don't be intimidated by the low price - Lite Hubs are a great way to attach these common foam wheels to a 3mm shaft.
Price: 4.76 CAD
3.53 USD 3.16 EUR

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