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FingerTech 'Cobra' Mini-Sumo Chassis
FingerTech 'Cobra' Mini-Sumo Chassis
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LOCAL MINISUMO TEAMS - If you are looking to buy a Cobra MiniSumo Chassis for the SIAST MyRobot Rumble, Express Hobbies in Saskatoon will be selling them for us!  (Their website is new so give them a call at 306-954-3434.)

• Designed to be a competitive entry into the masters class of mini-sumo, this chassis has the ability to beat those big-wheeled servo bots every single time.
• Includes 4WD Gold Spark motors, four high-traction mini-sumo wheels, two on-board motor controllers, three QTI line sensors, stainless steel scoop, heavy steel ballast, screws, wrenches, and stand-offs for mounting your control board!

• The Cobra now includes two on-board motor controllers, three QTI analog/digital line sensors, and a bright blue LED power indicator.
• Special introductory price - may go up at any time!

The Cobra conforms to the mini-sumo ruleset of RoboGames, the world's largest robot competition.  Most events uses these rules, but always check with your event organizer to make sure.
Width: 9.9cm (3.90")
Length: 9.75cm (3.84")
Height (ground to top of standoff): 3.77cm (1.48")
Weight: 333grams (11.75oz) - Maximum allowed in competition is 500g (17.63oz)

Kit Includes:
PCB Chassis: The Cobra baseplate is a circuit board that has mounting holes for the scoop, ballast and standoffs.  The newest revision includes on-board motor controllers, QTI line sensors (two front, one rear), and a bright blue LED power indicator.
Motors: Four 50:1 Gold Spark Gearmotors are epoxied and soldered in place.
Motor Control: The Cobra has two on-board motor drivers (left and right). To operate them, you will need to connect their DIR (direction) and PWM (speed) pins to a microcontroller. For DIR, 5V is forward direction and 0V is reverse. The PWM pins require a 5V pulse-width-modulated waveform for smooth operation.
Wheels: Four FingerTech Mini-Sumo Wheels.  Shore A20 polyurethane - the highest traction mini-sumo wheels available.
Line Sensors: Includes three QRD1114 line sensors (2 front, 1 rear) wired into QTI configuration for digital or analog operation. Three headers connect to your control board. A circuit diagram is printed on the pcb.
Scoop: 0.020" stainless steel angled scoop (can be legally sharpened to 0.010")
Steel Ballast: An underweight mini-sumo is at a disadvantage!  This steel ballast keeps the center of gravity low.
Screws: Four 6-32x0.375" screws for mounting the scoop, ballast and stand-offs.  Four for securing circuit board to standoffs.  Four washers for spacing ballast fro
Two hex wrenches included for tightening screws and setscrews.
Instructions: Full-color assembly steps, wiring diagram, header pinouts, and sensor/motor controller instructions. Cobra_instructions_R2.pdf

Battery: The chassis has a spot to accomodate a 44x24x29mm (1.75x0.93x1.15") battery.  Our Rhino 11.1V 360mAh or Nanotech 11.1V 180mAh fit perfectly and will run the robot for dozens of matches.  Min/Max Voltage: 6V-16V.
Electronics: In the chassis kit, the brains are up to you.  We carry the user-friendly Arduino Uno's, but boards from the SumoVore, Mark III, or SumoBot will all work.  Use the PCB Mount Kit to fit boards with different hole patterns.
Sensors: Opponent detection can be anything you desire.  Infrared emitters/sensors are most common, but ultrasonic sensors are an option too.

Orders normally ship within 1-2 days.  Other Gold Spark motor ratios can be used for an additional $10 fee - please add a note in the checkout comments. (35:1 is the most commonly used after the default 50:1, but make sure your sensors can react fast enough to the increased speed!)

Here is a quick video showing the top speed using 50:1 Spark motors at 11.1V.
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Cobra - mini sumo robot

- 25th February 2015

The FingerTech Cobra is one of the best sumo robot chassis we have tested. Being a robot competitor itself, FingerTech knows what is needed for such a robot.


- 25th February 2015

A great kit. Goes together in literally like 2 minutes. Super high quality. I preordered the version with built in motor drivers and it was definitely worth the wait. Now my kids want one.


- 15th July 2014

It arrived completely perfect, and I'm very impressed by this chassis. The on-board circuitry helps a lot, and the motors are really powerful. Cannot wait to test it in a competition!


- 21st March 2014

I tested every motor with an H Bridge and very closed delays and they respond extremely nice. Everything came in order except for one thing,one motor wasn't well pasted and came hanging in the bag, but after a quick fix everything was in order. [FT: we now ship differently!]
Very nice product :D I'm using this for a competition, just looking for some nice sharp sensors, good servos and already making my hand made aluminum body. 4.6/5

Very good design, but not very well protected in the package

- 30th April 2012

That's a very good design. I like the ballast, wheels and motors. But the chassis didn't come well packaged because a motor was unstuck when it arrived at my home. [We have listened and now pack the Cobra's differently. Thanks! -FingerTech]

Superb Machine!

- 06th March 2012

The description doesn't do it justice. The ballast is BELOW the garolite chassis for a mighty low center of gravity. The force required to push it side-ways on my desk while parked easily exceeded 1 kgf, so the tyres are pure magic at gripping smooth surfaces. When it hits my older sumo-bot the Cobra simply plows it out of the way like it wasn't even there! Impressive!

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Kingduino Uno R3Kingduino Uno R3 - 19.05 CAD
• Give your robot a brain!  The Kingduino Uno is an excellent control board for the Cobra Mini-Sumo Kit.
• Interfaces easily with a myriad of sensors.
• Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
FingerTech 'Cobra' PCB Mount KitFingerTech 'Cobra' PCB Mount Kit - 5.95 CAD
• Using the Cobra chassis with an existing circuit board?  You'll need a good way to mount that PCB!
• This PCB Mounting Kit makes easy work of boards with different hole layouts.
FingerTech Mini-Sumo Wheels (pair)FingerTech Mini-Sumo Wheels (pair) - 22.05 CAD
• Want to be at the top of the minisumo class but your robot's wheels keep slipping?  Look no further!
• Top-quality competition wheels made from high-traction polyurethane and injection-molded hubs.
• Since September 2014, the setscrew is changed from 4-40 to 6-32. Now uses 1/16" hex wrench.
Nano-Tech 3S (11.1V) High-Discharge Lipoly PackNano-Tech 3S (11.1V) High-Discharge Lipoly Pack - 10.71 CAD
• High-discharge packs - Get the most from your batteries!  A higher C rating allows you to pull a higher current from the same sized pack!
• High quality silicone-insulated wire for high current applications.
• Five capacities of: 180, 350, 370, 460, and 950mAh.
Rhino 3S (11.1V) 20C/30C Lipoly PackRhino 3S (11.1V) 20C/30C Lipoly Pack - 10.94 CAD
• Rating: 20C Discharge, 30C Burst
• JST connector, JST-XH balance plug, and high quality 18 gauge wire.
• Capacities of: 360, 460, 610 and 750mAh.
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List Price: 210.97 CAD
Price: 138.10 CAD
113.95 USD 105.28 EUR

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